Friday, 10 May 2013

Soap & Glory 3 for 2

It was my Birthday last month and as a present from my boyfriend I got these Soap & Glory body products. As the weather has been getting a little but better I have started to use my fake tan (which i will be reviewing very soon!) so I needed an exfoliator and moisturiser so I decided to try out some of these products as I have never used Soap and Glory before.

My favorite out of the three is the Sugar Crush Body Scrub I LOVE IT!! It is made with smashed brown sugar, sweet lime, almond oil and macadamia grains.The consistency is a bit strange and I found it a little bit messy but it really does its job. The grains are very gritty so it removes all the dead skin but the oil makes it so it isn't too harsh on the skin. I have dry and sensitive skin and this product worked really well for me. It smells very much of lime which I really like. It is £8.00 from Boots and i would really recommend you try this it will make your skin feel really soft and you will smell amazing!!

Next is The Daily Smooth Body Butter which is formulated for dry skin and I have to say this is one of the best moisturisers I have tried. It is made with Rosehip Oil and Cocoa Butter so the smell is absolutely gorgeous and the smell is long lasting too! I use this on my legs after I have shaved and it doesn't sting or make them sensitive at all. I apply this after I get out of the shower and within a few minutes it has absorbed into my skin so I can go straight to sleep without feeling sticky for ages like some do. £8.50 from Boots.

Lastly I got Heel Genius which I was expecting great things from and unfortunately this product did absolutely nothing for me! I really didn't like the smell to start of with it is supposed to be fruity but to me it smelt like medicine! The formula was very wet and it took forever to absorb into my feet, it says you should sleep in cotton socks and let it work through the night but i don't really like the sound of that. It finally absorbed and to be honest there was little difference i continued to use it for a week and there was still no change. I wouldn't repurchase this but it hasn't put me off trying some other products as the other two were amazing!  

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