Sunday, 14 July 2013

MUA - Pro Base Makeup Fixing Mist Review

I am becoming quite a regular at the MUA counter in Superdrug, I love the price of all the products, It means I can buy things just to try them out and not feel guilty because they are only a few pounds even if they don't work!
I have the Undress Me Too Palette which I love, I love the Undress Me Foundation and one of their £1 lipsticks even made it into my Top 5 Summer Lipsticks!!
Don't get me wrong I have tried a few products from MUA that haven't been too great but like I say with the low prices you can check out a wide range of products from the brand and see what works for you without breaking the bank.
This product is quite expensive for MUA, but in the grand scheme of things it's £5 and if you can compare that with an Urban Decay Fixing Spray or a MAC one it is a cut of the price and to be honest I think it does a similar job.
I find it really hard to know if any fixing spray is actually working, or if it's my primer or just my foundation that is lasting well on my face. But I can say that on days when I don't use this my foundation seems to slip off more easy especially in this heat!!
I use this once in the morning to set my make up and then I do use it in the day just to keep everything in place. The smell is really nice and while the weather has been so hot and I work in a stuffy office I have been using it as a freshening up spray too.
I think it is a great fixing spray for the price and I really don't believe a fixing spray does enough in my opinion to warrant buying one any more expensive.
Please let me know if you have a great Fixing Mist that actually makes you think wow this has actually helped keep my make up on!!

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