Friday, 14 June 2013

St.Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse Review

I was beginning to think my summer wardrobe was not going to get used this year but last week we had a few days of gorgeous sunshine and I had a chance to wear some of my summer skirts & dresses but as this is the first bit of sun we have had in the uk this year my skin was obviously still very pale so I wanted to give myself that summer glow!
I have very pale and sensitive skin so I would never even think about going on a sunbed and even when the sun does shine i don't tan very well either so for me fake is the way forward. I love having a tan I think it makes you feel happier, slimmer and healthier!
I have tried so many tans some cheap and some expensive and I never thought my favorite tan would cost £2.99 but it is!
I buy this tan from b&m and i get it in dark which sounds strange as I have said I am very pale but to be honest it really doesn't stay dark for long, once you wash off the first layer it just leaves me with a lovely natural looking tan.
I apply the tan with a mitt, i apply all my tans with mitts as i just think it gives a more natural less streaky result. I apply it at night time not straight before i got to bed it's normally a few hours before then it has all soaked in properly but it actually does dry in seconds.
When you first apply the tan it does look quite full on and dark but don't worry even if you have a few bad patches they will all wash off in the morning, don't forget to moisturize though !!
If you moisturize this tan lasts really well and after about 3 days i just exfoliate and apply a new layer.
I love this tan and you can pile on as much as you want as the price means you can buy a new bottle every week if needed.

Please leave me some comments telling me your favourite tan :)
Laura xx

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