Monday, 17 June 2013

This or That tag

I was tagged to do this by the lovely Laura at Positively Beautiful and it seems fun so I thought I would do it!
Make Up
  1. Blush or Bronzer? - Bronzer I like that summer glow and also love it to contour with.
  2. Lipstick or Lipgloss? - Lipstick because I fin gloss doesn't stay on for very long.
  3. Eyeliner or Mascara? - Mascara I don't thin I could leave the house without putting it on.
  4. Foundation or Concealer? - Foundation
  5. Neutral or coloured Eyeshadow? - Neutral I like a brown smoky eye.
  6. Pressed or Loose shadow? - Pressed because loose is too messy.
  7. Brush or Sponge? - Brush but I use my fingers to apply my foundation.
  1. Jeans or sweat pants - Jeans (that reminds me of Mean Girls)
  2. Long or short sleeves? - Long because I hate the top of my arms.
  3. Dresses or skirts - Dresses
  4. Stripes or plaid? Stripes
  5. Flip flops or Sandals? - I hate the bit in between your toe with flip flops so Sandals.
  6. Scarves or hats? - Scarves, they are accessories to me I wear them all the time!
  7. Studs or dangle earrings? - Studs because I like to wear statement necklaces.
  8. Necklaces or Bracelets? - Necklaces
  9. Heels or flats? - Heels, I wish I could wear flats all the time but I'm too short.
  10. Cowboy boots or Riding boots? -Riding boots.
  11. Jacket or hoodie? - I love lazy days in my boyfriends hoodie.
  12. Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe?- Forever 21
  1. OPI or chine glaze?- OPI
  2. Long or short nails - Long
  3. Acrylic or natural - I love my acrylic gel nails even though they are bad for my nails!
  4. Bright or dark nail polish - Depends on the seasons, I love bright and pastel in summer/spring then darker shades in winter.
  5. Design or no design - No design
  1. Body Spray or Perfume?- Perfume my favourite is Prada Candy
  2. Lotions or body butters?- I love Body Shops body butters.
  3. Body wash or soap? Body wash I like ones that really lather up.
  4. Lush or other Bath company - I love the smell of lush i can't walk past without going in!
  1. Curly or straight - Curly, well wavy actually which is how my hair naturally dries.
  2. Bun or ponytail - Bun
  3. Hairspray or gel - Hairspray I thought gel was just for boys.
  4. Long or short? - Long I'm trying to grow mine at the moment.
  5. Light or dark? - Dark.
  6. Side swept or front bangs? - Side swept.
  7. Up or down? - Down I very rarely wear my hair up.
  1. Rain or shine?- I love being cuddled up inside listening to the rain.
  2. Summer or winter?- Winter, I love Christmas!!
  3. Fall or spring?- Spring, I love all the cute little lambs.
  4. Chocolate or Vanilla?- Chocolate.
Hope this was enjoyable to read and if anyone wants to do this tag please do and let me know!
Laura xx

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